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Added: February 19, 2020
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Hey guys!

It's me...

Just wanted to drop in on you all with a very special announcement:

I'm pregnant!

And my already huge natural boobs are getting WAY bigger...

Like, I mean... BIGGERRRRR!!

With a capital B! ;-)

I've already outgrown my J-cup bras and have moved on to L-cups and even those are getting tighter now...

So I thought you all might like to see for yourselves here. :) I fired up my phone and thought I'd make a little video treat for you all.

Stay tuned here at my site for a whole lot more to come!

xoxoxo -- Lana



  • 3 years ago, @Flaccidfister said: Congratulations! Will you post update photos? That would be amazing, seeing a girl I've pined over since my freshman year going through such a natural stage. Congratulations again!!
  • 3 years ago, @livecraig1 said: I would hope that we can see those beautiful breast lactating.
  • 3 years ago, @OddWeird72 said: Ms. Kendrick, let me start off by say 'Congratulations' on your pregnancy. I'm happy for you, and I hope the best with everything. I'm a very, very big fan of yours and hearing that your boobs are getting even bigger that makes me an even happier fan than I already am. ??????❤❤ I don't mean to be rude when I ask you this, but with your upcoming pregnancy will that determine or lead you into 'retiring' from modeling and no longer doing your site? I hope you will still continue to do it. September Carrino became a mother and stopped doing her website. She did it, and I was just curious if you had any kind of plans like that.
  • 3 years ago, @Macygrey said: Congratulations!!! That's amazing, happy for you! Really hoping another lucky girl gets a serious titsucking session with you!

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