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Added: July 9, 2021
Runtime: 17:23
Score: 4.6/5.0


Hi guys!

Welcome back to Friday-Friday...

I thought I would drop in on you all once again with more selfie webcam action.

And this time, I brought a tape measure! Just wait until you see these numbers! ;)

xoxoxo -- Lana


  • 1 year ago, @battyboy said: I make that 53 inches utterly amazing Lana i cannot believe how beyond enormous those boobs have gotten amazing. That bra looks about 4 sizes too small how has it not snapped under the weight of those insanely gigantic tits. Like seriously i swear your measurement was 43 inches like 2 years ago thats an absolute insane level of growth i'd guess M cup or bigger!!!. They look sooooo freaking heavy literally look like a stone each, u should do a weighing video next Lana u are amazing. I honestly believe u have some of the biggest boobs in the country, like top 5 at least like im still trying to pick my jaw off the floor. I can't imagine a single person that could resist staring and cause instant erection. U are soooo sexy i think u have the most massive naturals ive ever seen. Like when look in the mirror and see boobs twice the size of your head u must still be in amazment yourself i know i am. a Measuring video would be incredible u are amazing

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